Little Oak Energy is a consultancy specialising in the biomethane market in the UK and mainland Europe. We help make sense of a complex, evolving market and work with clients to make sure they get the most out of biomethane.

Biomethane is also known as green gas, biogas, bioCNG, renewable natural gas and natural renewable gas.

We help users of gas with CO2 reporting, certification, Scope 3 reporting and sourcing physical green gas supplies. We also advise producers of biomethane how to make the most of market opportunities.

Gas Users

If you are a gas user, I can help you find the best way to integrate biomethane into your business model.

Using biomethane for CO2 reporting

  • Green gas for voluntary CO2 reporting
  • The differences between the certificates available to you (RGGOs, BMCS, ROs, RTFCs)
  • Options and costs for buying certificates (sources, feedstocks and accreditation)
  • Options and cost for buying physical green gas

Using biomethane in transport

  • Options for using renewable gas in your vehicles
  • How to obtain a reliable source of green gas for your fleet
  • How to report reduced Scope 3 carbon emissions
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Gas Producers

If you produce biomethane, we can help you understand the options you have for selling  your gas and how to ensure you make the most of market opportunities.

Areas of expertise  include:

  • Subsidy options for biomethane plants (RHI vs RTFC vs other);
  • Claiming RTFCs from your own vehicle fleet; and
  • Opportunities in the UK/European market for renewable gas and environmental products (RGGOs / BMCs , etc).
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Contact Little Oak Energy

If you have any questions about the biomethane market, buying, selling or generating RTFCs, green gas sustainability, the movement of biomethane between countries, Little Oak Energy can help.

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